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Helium Hotspot Hardware
What is it?
There’s a new set of internet-connected devices that require new kind of wireless network, called LoRaWAN. Think of it like wifi for low-power devices like GPS trackers and air quality sensors.

Helium is building the world’s largest LoRa network, and paying everyday people to host hotspots in their home.

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How much will I earn?
Depending on how many other hotspots are within a few miles, a unit can earn $5-20 worth of tokens per month. The more nearby hotspots, the more revenue. We offer hosts a 25% cut of total earnings.
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Is it secure?
Yes. A hotspot does not allow remote access, and has undergone extensive security auditing.
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How do I set it up?
Just plug it into a power source, connect it to your wifi, and put it by a window. If you can put it on your roof and upgrade your antenna, you can earn substantially more.
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Why work with us?
We are long time Helium community members, offer competitive rates, and provide good customer service. We believe in being fair, treating people well, and contributing back to the broader Helium ecosystem.
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